Recent WERA Awards Recipients

WERA Product Award was given to the team from Puyallup School District for their Math Quick Checks. This collection of standards-aligned formative assessments was a two-year effort from Jeremy Roy, Mary-Elizabeth Gendreau, Melissa Ryan, Amy Query, Tracy Shepard, Nick O’Neill, Sergio Ulloa, Sara Holt, Dani Baker, Michelle Bledsoe, Almai Malit, and project leader Dr. Glenn  Malone.


WERA Outstanding Dissertation Award went to Dr. James Crawford, who studied adult learning through coaching relationships between school district’s central office coaches and school principals.


WERA Distinguished Paper Award was given to Drs. Gail Joseph, Janet Soderberg, Sara Stull, Kevin Cummings, Deborah McCutchen, and Ph.D candidate Rachel Ban. This team explores inter-rater reliability of WaKIDS Kindergarten Assessment and helps us understand how we reach reliability statewide, and where reliability is most challenging.


Art Maser Service Award went to Dr. Pete Bylsma, for his many contributions to WERA and field of education research. Dr. Bylsma served as the Director of Assessment and Program Evaluation for the Mukilteo School District where he revamped the process for research project applications which made initiating research projects more accessible to all. Dr. Bylsma also served as the editor of the WERA Education Journal for the past four years. This involved curating submissions and revising draft versions of submissions to prepare for final publication.

Art Maser Service Award

Gordon B. Ensign, Jr. Service Award was given to Dr. Margaret Plecki, for her many contributions and achievements as an instructor, researcher and author in the areas of school leadership, school finance, educational policy, and teacher quality and professional development.

Gordon B Ensign