Annual Goals

WERA Board Goals 2020-21

WERA’s goals for the 2020-21 year are reflective of the global pandemic we are all experiencing. While we look forward to our annual conference each December as a way of sharing research and relevant educational information, discussing the most pressing topics in education, and networking, that is just not possible in the same way this year. However, we see the current environment as an opportunity to offer these experiences, and more, in new safe ways. Please see below for our 2020-21 goals.

WERA will identify and provide professional learning opportunities and forums for discussion for those who engage in educational research, evaluation, assessment, instruction, and related activities in the following ways:

  • Disseminate research and relevant educational information (WERA Journal, Standard Deviation, Hot Topic webinars, and other virtual learning engagements).
  • Create opportunities for educational issues and policies to be discussed from multiple expert perspectives (e.g. practitioners, administrators, researchers).
  • Engage the field in continuous improvement through the use of a data lens.

We welcome your continued support and contribution to WERA and look forward to engaging with you this year.