WERA-Connect Listserv

The Washington Educational Research Association has launched a new members-only “WERA-Connect” listserv. The listserv facilitates two-way communication between you and your WERA colleagues across the state.

While some lists only provide for email “blasts” which come to you but that cannot be responded to, the listserv will allow for email-based collaboration between WERA members like a virtual community of practice.  Have you wondered who else may be working with an assessment system your district is considering?  Have you been stuck with a work-related task and know that someone else in the state must have recently dealt with the same challenge?  Use WERA-Connect to both ask and answer questions with your peers.

You will receive copies of all emails that are sent to the list in your email in-box.  There is nothing to log-in to.  Some threads (topics) may not have any bearing on your work.  Delete those.  Others may pique interest or spur an idea for your district or organization.  That’s where you will find potential value in this list.

The list is voluntary.  You can subscribe and un-subscribe at any time.  It is only open to WERA Members so there will be no junk email.

Note:  Subscription is a 2-Step Process:

Step 1: Send an email to:   [email protected].  (It does not matter what you put in the subject line or body of the email.)

Step 2:  You will get a follow-up email asking you to confirm that you made this request.  You must reply to this email.  You will then get a confirmation with specifics about the list once your email address is confirmed against the official WERA membership list.

For further information about the list, please email Paul Stern at [email protected]