WERA is a not-for-profit organization of professionals working at all levels of education dedicated to improving the practice of instruction, assessment, evaluation, conducting and applying educational research, and using data to inform instructional decisions.

WERA members work in a range of contexts supporting students across Washington, including early learning settings, schools, districts, community-based organizations, colleges and universities.WERA is committed to sharing knowledge to support educators’ work improving opportunities and outcomes for all students.

We welcome you to the 2021-22 WERA membership year.

During these extraordinary times, we all continue the hard work of providing for the health and educational wellbeing of students, as well as caring for the larger community. The WERA Board is here to support your efforts to serve and improve educational systems in new ways. Please take a moment to learn more about our goals for this year, and to discover the ways you can benefit from becoming a WERA member

We are grateful to the 2020-2021 WERA members who joined us for our first year of virtual learning. Your collaboration and engagement in the Hot Topic Webinars, the Virtual Summit and all of our other networking opportunities was motivating and we learned so much from participating in these sessions with you. We hope you will continue to be a part of the WERA Community by renewing your membership and encouraging your colleagues to join as well. 

We remain hopeful that safety protocols will afford us the opportunity to host some in-person meet ups this year. In the meantime, the WERA Board is excited to offer a range of virtual learning opportunities. Our theme this year is Responding to Change: Moving Forward with Intentionality and Purpose and we are hard at work coordinating with leading experts in the field and colleagues from the WERA community to bring you practical learning opportunities and access to valuable research. Check out our Membership Benefits Page to learn more about what you can expect as a WERA Member this year.