Past Grant Awards

Grants awarded in March 2017:

Ann M. Ishimaru, UW,  “UW-SPS Racial Equity Teams Pilot Study: Co-designing Equitable Instructional and Organizational Practices,” $4,000

Andrea Meld, Kent School District, “Evaluating the Impact of Gifted/HiCap Programs on Student Achievement: What Ever Happens to HiCap Students?” $3,000

Mat Orndorff,  “Improving Teacher Self-Efficacy: An Exploratory Study of Classroom-Level PBIS Professional Development,” $2,000

Teresa Sinay, Fife School District, “Using Clean Language to Facilitate Strong Learners in Reading and Math,” $3,000


Grants awarded in April 2016:

Brian Fox, Northwest Nazarene University , “The Principal as an Effective Communicator: Increasing Parental and Community Engagement Through the Use of Digital Communications and Social Media,” $500.

Adrienne Minnery, Seattle Public Schools, “Awakening Readers: Investigation of a Contextualized Approach to Common Core Language and Foundations Instruction,” $4,685.

Georgia Heyward, Research Contractor, “What Attracts Teachers to Small, Rural Districts, and Why Do They Stay? Addressing Teacher Shortages in Rural Washington, “$2,420.

Yun-Ju Hsiao and Yichien Cooper, Washington State University Tri-Cities, “Inclusive Practices in K-12 Art Classrooms: Implications for Teacher Training,” $1,700.


Grants awarded in April 2013:

Tiffany Katanyoutanant, University of Washington, “Teachers’ Perceptions of the Impact of End-of-Course Exams on Their Instructional Practice-A Mixed Methods Examination,” $380.


Grants awarded in April 2012:

Michele Aker-Hocevar and Glenn E. Malone, Washington State University, “Online Learning in Washington’s K-12 Public Schools: Superintendent Perceptions, Issues and Recommendations,” $800.

Christine H. Chopra, University of Washington, “Realigning Form and Function in an Urban High School’s Student Voice Initiative,” $1,000.

Lisa Liberty, University of Washington, “Improving the Writing and Motivation of Struggling Writers with Emotional Behavior Difficulties: Effects of Self-Regulated Strategy Development Combined with Professional Development and Coaching,” $1,800.

Nichole C. Ralston, University of Washington, “The Validation of a Diagnostic Assessment Tool of Algebraic Thinking Skills for Elementary School Students,” $1,200.

Barbara Waxman, Antony Smith, and Deborah Feldman, Paragon Education Network, “The Washington Student Oral Histories Project: Initial Study,” $3,200.


Grants awarded in April 2011:

Sue Eastgard and Marc Bolan, Youth Suicide Prevention Program, “Riding the Waves: Helping Elementary Students Cope with Stress & Depression,” $5000


Grants awarded in April 2010:

Jill Hearne and Linda Elman, “Invest in Youth:  Analysis of Tutor Effectiveness In After School Tutoring at Four Seattle Public Schools,” $1500


Grants awarded in March 2009:

Michelle Fox, Puyallup School District, “Using WASL Data to Identify Effective Teachers and Practices”   $1825

Kari Terjeson, Bremerton School District, “Using Curriculum-based Measures for Vocabulary Growth”   $1000

John Krieg, Western Washington University, “Relating Budget Impact and Instruction”   $500

Olga Herrera, Consultant working with Spokane Public Schools, “Minority Parent Involvement”   $1675


Grants awarded in March 2008:

Nina Potter, Shoreline School District, “Math Beyond High School: Are Students Prepared for College Math?” $5000

Catherine Wallach, Small Schools Project/Coalition of Essential Schools NW, “Sustaining High School Conversions: What Remains?” $4000

Carolyn O’Keeffe, Northshore School District, “High school predictors of community college readiness in math and English: Uncovering the Differences Between College Ready and Remedial College Students” $6000

Bonnie English, University of Washington student, “ESL Facilitators and Classroom Teachers Co-Constructing Policy: Consequences for Teaching English Language Learners” $1000


Grants awarded in March 2007:

Ryan Grant, Medical Lake School District teacher, “Using RTI to Measure the Effectiveness of Intervention Programs in a K-6 School.”   $1720 Brinton Ramsey, Small Schools Project/Coalition of Essential Schools NW, “District Change in Support of Student Achievement:  A Case Study Approach.”   $5000


Grants awarded in March 2006:

Janet Gordon, university student, Effects of Question Format on Student Performance on the 8th Grade Science WASL” $2000

Katie Baird, University of Washington, Tacoma, “Using WASL Scores to Understand Cognitive Gains in Mathematics Among High Schoolers” $4500

Dale McDaniel, Onalaska School District, “Case Study of School Districts’ Responses to Washington State’s Compulsory Attendance Law (Becca Bill) $3000

Hilary Loeb, University of Washington student, “Exploring the Differences Between the General Population of Teachers and Those with National Board Certification: Profiles of Serving Washington’s Students of Color” $1000

Paul Stern, Washington State University, “Exploring the Relationship Between High School Math and English Courses and Grades and the Need for Remediation in College” $3100

Jack Monpas-Huber, Northshore School District and University of Washington student, “Assessment Data Use Among Washington High School Teachers” $4400


Grants awarded in March 2005:

Eddie Reed, Tukwila School District, “Adult/Student Communications Practices in a Reorganized High School” $2180.

John M. Krieg, Western Washington University, “A Response to Incentives: How Do Schools React to a Negative AYP Finding?” $3500.


Grants awarded in March 2004:

Terrie Geaudreau, Spokane School District, “Examining the Characteristics Associated with a Mathematics Instructional Facilitator at the Elementary School Level that Seem to be Correlated with Increased Student Achievement” $4450.

Brad Ching-Chao Wu, University of Washington, “Dimensionality of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning in Mathematics” $2000.


Grants awarded in March 2003:

Brandon Monroe, University of Washington, “Examining the Effects of a Paraphrasing Accommodation on the Mathematics Subtest of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning” $6000.


Grants awarded in March 2002:

Sylvia Dean, Evergreen School District, “An Evaluation of the K-8 Learning Network Literacy Model in Evergreen School District” $6000.

Evelyn Johnson, University of Washington, “Analyzing Component Processes of the 7th Grade WASL Reading” $3300.


Grants awarded in March 2001:

Linda Mabry, Washington State University, Vancouver, “Integrating Theory and Practice: An Evaluation of a Schools-University Partnership Program of Field-Based Teacher Education” $6000.

Bill Nutting, Mount Vernon School District, “Examining Student Work and the Impact on Teaching Behaviors” $6000.